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[Japanese costumes]. Three volumes [11.5 x 8 cm.] each with a double-page folding colour woodblock panorama (The Daimyos Procession – The Procession of the Mikado – The Bridal Procession of the Common People), followed by 26, 26, and 27 colour woodblock prints of samurai servants, court officials, nobles, servants, merchants, girls of high and low station, nurses, weavers, cooks, soldiers etc.


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The three booklets within [damaged] bellyband.11.5 x 8 cm. – “These books are not only designed to please children, but to show the manners and customs of the ancient and modern people of Nippon. The fine illustrations afford an important aid in this respect. It is through the eye that the understanding itself is most quickly reached.” [Preface]. – All prints with captions in Japanese and English. – Bellyband is broken and damaged, the booklets are in fine condition


Jaar: Aug: 2, 2550 [i.e. 1890]



Plaats: Osaka