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Michiel Spijkers – Nothing of me is original. I’m the combined effort of everything I’ve known.


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30 x 21 cm. Softcover. Illustrated in colour throughout.Printed in 100 copies. – For many years philosophers have been researching the nature/nurture theory. From the moment we are born we are constantly influenced, either by our parents or later on by the friends we choose. As we develop, our personalities and the things we find interesting are triggered by our social environment, making the human a repeater of behaviors. In this project I set out to make an index of my own life so far, to experience and reflect on the different paths I’ve walked. – ”Michael Spijker’s body of work ‘Nothing of me is original’ explores identity through personal possessions, using an assortment of them to produce an abstract self portrait. He continually took them as the years progressed and as a viewer we see the iconic signs of consumerism and capitalism which manifests itself as fashion and trends.” [Rebecca Woodall]. – Fine copy.

Auteur: SPIJKERS, Michiel

Jaar: 2013


Uitgeverij: Michiel Spijkers

Plaats: Den Haag